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House, M. D. 豪斯医生高清 教学视频资源之 疯狂的行为艺术者

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Word List:

1. CNS:ABBREVIATION for central nervous system 中枢神经系统


2. lymphoma n. /lɪmˈfəʊmə/  

[ U ] cancer of the lymph nodes 淋巴瘤


3. eczema n. /ˈeksɪmə/  

[ U ] a skin condition in which areas of skin become red, rough and sore 湿疹


4. granulomatosis n. /'ɡrænju,ləumə'təusis/



5. biopsy n. /ˈbaɪɒpsi/  

the removal and examination of tissue from the body of sb who is ill/sick, in order to find out more about their disease 活组织检查(从身体取下细胞或组织进行检验)


6. steroid n. /ˈsterɔid/

a chemical substance produced naturally in the body. There are several different steroids and they can be used to treat various diseases and are also sometimes used illegally by people playing sports to improve their performance. 甾族化合物;类固醇