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  题干中出现 main idea/topic/title/mainly about 等词。






  一般以偏概全,只是文章的细枝末节,不能涵盖全文内容; 出现细节性的名词信息;过于笼统。


  Just because you’re better educated doesn’t mean that you’re any more rational than everyone else, no matter how hard you may try to give that impression.Maybe we need to think more about how who we are affects our “rational” decisions.

  【例题:90】Which of the following can be the best title of the passage?

  A. A very Comforting Illusion. B. A Rational Approach to Lottery.

  C. A Survey on Education Rationality. D. A Difference between Scientists Others.

  Art smart people just naturally attracted to study are or perform music, dance, or drama? Or does early education in the art actually cause changes in the brain that develop important components of cognition? Recent findings show that there may be some significant causal relationship between arts training the brain’s ability to learn.

  【例题:90】Which of the following can be the best title for the passage?

  A. Brainy Art. B. Learning Art. C. Arts Training. D. Cognitive Science.


  (1) 特征

  题干中出现 author’s attitude/idea/opinion/tone 等词出现。

  (2) 做题技巧


  漠不关心类:indifferent, uninterested

  主观偏见类:biased, prejudiced, partial, subjective, scornful

  中立类:neutral, detached

  (3) 解答态度观点题应注意两点


  2)选项可能不再是态度明确的肯定或否定的形容词,而改为带有程度限制的形容词。一般带有绝对化或过于强烈的表示态度的词必错,如 strong/complete/entire/enthusiastic 等。而有保留的态度比较客观,因此通常是正确选项,如 reserved/qualified/tempered/guarded consent 等


  Once he was an almost ideal “Jack,” strong, athletic, quietly confident, imminently trustworthy, but his recent renal failure dialysis treatments, his stroke his constant tremor have robbed his of his strength,mobility, golf game, but not of his will or love of his family.

  【例题:90】 The author describes his “Jack” in a tone of.

  A. AdmirationB inspiration C indignationD expectation

  By loosening body armor, by letting muscles relax, you can return to a feeling of flow creativity.

  【例题:74】The author contends that our creativity .

  A. can’t be enforced by the “body armor”

  B. does not occur in mind but in the muscles

  C. can be hampered with our muscles tightened

  D. is good only when we are free of mental physical stress