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Essay Topics: Popular Practices

2018.07.19 0+

1. Should people be required to take a parenting class when they are expecting a baby?

2. Is it a good idea for a father to become a stay-at-home dad?

3. Should the state fight the high divorce rate? What is the best way to do it?

4. Should adoption be open or closed (in open adoption, identities of biological parents are disclosed to adoptive parents, in a closed one – they are not)?

5. Should people face legal responsibility for abusing/abandoning pets?

6. Should zoos and circuses be banned?

7. What is the best way to encourage alternative energy use?

8. Should people be fined for not recycling?

9. Should affirmative action exits?

10. Does student’s loan create equal opportunities?

11. Can Google turn into an evil empire?

12. Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

13. Should the driving age be raised?

14. Does early initiation of sexual activity have negative outcomes?

15. Should violent video games be banned?

16. Does media violence promote a real one? Are media regulations justified? Should they be even stricter?

17. Should stars’ privacy be protected by the state laws?

18. Should songs’ lyrics/video clips be censored?

19. Should the state be allowed to censor creative work of the artists: films, exhibitions, books, etc.?

20. Is the effect of fraternities and sororities on students rather positive or negative?

21. Are “smoking zones” a good idea?

22. Should the state/universities/companies take delibarate actions encouraging women to pursue careers in science?

23. Should Wikipedia be considered a legitimate research resource?

24. Do companies have to be obliged to reveal the fact of outsourcing products and services? Why?

25. Can Bitcoin be a future of currency?

26. Should reporters be required to reveal their sources?